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My husband, my son, and I are planning a much-needed vacation this summer. 

This will be the first time we have gone on a family vacation during the busy summer months.  We usually try to plan our trips during slower times, when there is less chance of encountering large crowds.   Fewer crowds means less waiting in line, less traffic and just less stress in general. 

There are even studies that have been done that show we are kinder and more giving when we have a little room to breathe.  I just finished reading a book called Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave by Adam Alter that talks about some of these studies along with some other fascinating tidbits about us humans.  It was a fun and revealing read.


Our son started kindergarten this past year so we are now on his school schedule.  That means we go on vacation when everyone else in the United States goes on vacation.  We are not opposed to taking him out of school for a few days to snag a great deal, but we like to keep his schedule somewhat consistent.

Packing for Travel

Although I get really excited to go on vacation, especially if it’s someplace warm, I know that I will have to adjust my skin care routine and that has caused me some anxiety.  

It makes it even trickier with the fluid and weight restrictions on aircraft.  I try to pack lightly and carry my bag on the plan rather than check it.  This way, I don’t have to get to the airport extra early, hope my bag doesn’t get lost, or wait to pick it up after our flight lands.  I want to spend as little time in the airport as possible. 

Luckily, most skin care products can be purchased in a travel size so I don’t have to take my bulky, full size products with me.  I usually have a stash of travel size products kept in what I call my Beauty Bag.  The bag contains Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved baggies as well as most of my travel size toiletries.  Having this bag already stocked makes packing and unpacking much easier and faster.  I periodically make sure my products have not expired (if they have an expiration date on them) and that the containers are full. 

My husband and I use the same products so we don’t have to pack 2 shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens, etc.  Believe it or not, but men don’t really need different skin and hair care products than women.  The biggest differences lie in fragrance and cost.  I find that the hair care products we use tend to be gender neutral and our skin care products don’t have fragrance added anyway.

Packing Sunscreen for Travel

I always pack facial sunscreen as well as body sunscreen no matter where we are traveling.  The sun shines all over this big, beautiful world.  

My facial sunscreen is a full size bottle because there will be 3 of us using it.  The full size bottle of my La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen is only 1.7 ounces (50 ml) and the full size bottle of my Neutrogena Sheer Zinc is 3 ounces (88 ml).

The TSA will allow me to pack 3. 4 ounces (100 ml) per bottle on my carry-on, tucked neatly into a quart-sized bag.  I will take a small bottle of body sunscreen and buy more if we need it.  When we travel to warmer climates, like Hawaii, we will always need to buy more sunscreen.  I like to use the spray sunscreens like Neutrogena Beach Defense, Supergoop Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mist, and Coola Eco-Lux Body Spray for all over body application.  It makes it really easy to reapply especially on a child who just wants to get back in the water.  I also take along a zinc sunscreen stick like Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Stick for easy application to ears, nose, and cheeks.


Packing lighter helps to ease a little of the stress of traveling through the airport.  I see so many people on vacation who are angry and stressed out.  I am going on vacation to relax and ease my stress, so I want to do anything I can to make traveling easier.

Bon Voyage!!


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