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    Own Your Skin Type

    How many times have you spent money on products only to have them sit on your shelf or end up in the trash because they just didn’t work for you?  Do you have a friend with a perfect complexion who swears by a certain moisturizer, but when you use it, it makes you break out? I would argue that you are using products that were created for someone with a different skin type than you. What are the different skin types, which one do you have, and what is the…

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    How to Determine Your Skin Type

    We all have our own likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences and our skin is no different. What works wonders for one person may cause breakouts and irritation on another. To make matters worse the weather can influence how our skin responds to products as well. That moisturizer you use all winter that melts into your skin and makes it feel like silk may make your skin look like an oil slick in the summer. How do you know what works when? The first step is to determine what your skin…