Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.              ~Confucius

Welcome. My name is Natalie and I live in wet but green and beautiful Oregon. I was lucky enough to marry my best friend and I am now a mother to two of the funniest, sweetest, happiest kiddos.

I have always loved all things health, which is why I am now a nurse, and beauty, which is why I dabbled in a little modeling when I was 17.

I’m also a lover of learning. I believe there is joy in learning. Learning new things keeps my mind young and my heart happy.  A big part of what I do daily involves learning and sharing what I learn with others.

My favorite part of being a nurse is educating and empowering others to care for and love themselves.  Along the way, I became a nursing clinical instructor at a local university.  I was able to further indulge my passion for education & help mold the next generation of nurses.  I never thought I would love teaching so much.

My nursing career has taken me on many different journeys. Each one providing the excitement of new learning experiences and new educational opportunities.  At the heart of these learning experiences is evidence.  What I mean by this is that a person’s safety and health are priorities and what I practice and teach must be rooted in sound research.  I get excited searching out and reading research articles.

I also believe in a holistic approach to health and life in general.  I’m not willing to discount herbal preparations that have been used (with positive results) in Eastern cultures for thousands of years just because there are few to no formal studies performed.

I believe in the right ingredients and the right products.  That may mean what works for me does not work for you.

I was honored to receive The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses because the people I care for are my priority, always.

In my ideal world everyone would take care of themselves, exercise, and eat healthy.  I know this is so not reality.  I do believe that people know what needs to be done to be healthier and happier, but doing it is where most of us fail, me included.  After working for 12 hours, the last thing I want to do is make a salad and go to the gym.  What really sounds good is a glass of wine, a bath, and bed.  What really happens is easy dinner, put the kids to bed, then I pass out myself.  But no matter how tired I am I still wash my face.  It has become a habit and it just doesn’t feel right if I skip it.

I started taking care of my own skin when I was around 13 years old.  Puberty was happening and I was very aware of how my skin looked.  It all began with vanity but it was just the beginning of my life-long journey of learning how to care for myself.

My goal is to be the healthiest and happiest person I can be.  I want to set a good example and encourage others to be happy and healthy as well.

Remember that it’s okay to try and fail.  It’s okay to take things slowly.  But don’t give up.  Keep going, keep striving.  Small gains over time equal major rewards for you and the ones you love.  You are worth it.


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