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How to Wear a Hat

Do you wear hats? 

I never thought I was a hat person.  I wanted to be one.  I watched the Kentucky Derby and wished I could pull off one those gorgeous, elaborate hats.  

I would try on different styles just to be disappointed. 

It didn’t help that I was doing this when I was a teenager, the only people I knew who wore hats were men and they wore baseball caps. 

Although baseball caps can be cute, they’re not really the best choice for every occasion.

How to Wear a Hat

As teenagers we are influenced so heavily by our peers that I thought I would be judged, and not in the “look how cool she is” way, for wearing a hat. 

My point is, I would wager that some of those hats I tried on did actually look good; I just had my own preconceived notions that I would be disliked for wearing one.  So, no hats for me.

Fast forward several years, and I still thought my face and head just weren’t cut out for hats.  Mind you, I haven’t tried on any hats since I was a teenager so how do I know? 

My mother-in-law bought me a hat made by a local company, Flipside Hats, and I immediately fell in love with it. If this hat looks good will others as well? 

The answer was yes!

How to Wear a HatWe were planning a trip to Hawaii, so I took that opportunity to buy some cute hats for walking on the beach and lounging poolside.

I found some cuties that also have UPF 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) from Coolibar.  As a bonus, some of their hats could be rolled up and placed in my suitcase for easy travel.

How to Wear a Hat

How Do You Pick the Best Hat?

1.   Consider the occasion

Will you be sitting poolside?  Then a wide-brimmed hat works well.  I like a cute cowboy hat for walking on the beach. 

Out shopping or having a quick bite to eat at a little café?  Then a simple hat with a scarf accent could work.

2.    Face Shape

If you have a round face, a disk shape hat will highlight your cheekbones and balance your face shape. 

Do you have an oval face? Wide brim hats work well.

If you have a square face, slouchy hats or soft berets will compliment your face shape.

Finally, if you have a heart shaped face, any style that isn’t too wide or too slouchy works.

3.    Comfort

If your hat isn’t comfortable, you likely won’t wear it for long. 

It’s not only part of your overall look, it has a functional purpose as well; it will give you added protection against the sun. 

So, comfort is key.

If you worry that your hat will slip during the day, you can use headbands or fun barrettes to secure it in place.

4.    Styling

You don’t need to try to match every color in your outfit to every color in your hat.  You can choose any range of colors that blend.  

If you want an elegant look, try silk hats that will hold their shape. 

For sitting by the pool, look for a wide-brimmed, shapeable hat made from lightweight, breathable material like polyester.

5.    Putting It All Together

Wear your hat right above the eyebrows and not on the back of your head.

To enhance your facial features, try placing your hat at a slight angle.

On almost all hat designs, the trim goes in the front, not the back.

You want to be seen coming, not going.


How to Wear a Hat


Hats are a fun, fashionable way to get extra protection from the sun.  There are so many choices out there that will fit your style so try on some hats and have some fun!

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